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Recruiting & Executive Search is a professional and service-oriented provider of executive, sales, and marketing recruiting services to all the businesses.
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About Us

Chip Doro

Chip Doro, President | Founder

“Chip Doro is not a recruiter, but a strategic adviser by providing judgment, market intelligence and insight, not just a list of names. Before a prospect becomes a candidate, he does the heavy lifting by leveraging his vast network and performing in-depth analyses of potential executives that includes such things as professional accomplishments, management style, leadership philosophy and personal and professional ambitions; so that the fit is right and I can make the optimal business decision”.

Our Mission & Motivation

Our mission is to provide for the most fundamental building block to all businesses: people.

To do that, we connect in a deep, meaningful way with our clients. We understand their needs as if we were working for, investing in, or on the board of their organization. We develop a shared profile of the person that will best solve our client’s challenge, and we search tirelessly to determine the best talent to solve that challenge. We do all of this knowing that we are forging a long-term relationship that takes great care and understanding, as well as cold, calculating business sense.

We have the experience and expertise to help you think strategically about your hiring: What type of people are you looking for? Where should we source them? How can we compete for top talent with your competitors? And how do we make sure we are hiring the best people and delivering a world-class candidate experience?

For free information about what Doro Search can bring to your next search for executive talent, we invite you to contact us today at 303.470.9465.