Behavior interviewing | Hiring in a Blink!
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What Makes You Unique

Hiring in a Blink!

I believe that the majority of hiring decision are made in a Blink!

I know… Behavior interviewing, Good long prep with extensive questions, technical depth questions, getting people comfortable to tell you who they really are, and millions of other techniques are out there. And yet… at the end of the day. Most hiring decision are made in a blink!


If you have not read the book Blink! I’d encourage it. It a simple concept that we all develop a sense of what is going to work and what is not… spidey sense, 6th sense, our gut, trust yourself, are all phases we have become used to. Blink adds that these are built on years of experiences, these are built on years of trial and error, these are developed over time and really are darn good things to trust. & our Blink determines wether we hire someone or not…


Think about it. In the first… 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minutes at most you have decided that you re going to hire or not going to hire someone. You have your Blink! & you will spend the rest of time you are with that person justifying your Blink. If you want to hire them you will end up finding a number of reasons to hire them( most of them are not on the hiring specification) or you will find many reasons to not hire them( most of which are on the hiring specification).


What have I learned from this? A lot! Blink is real! It’s important. To use an example I have a follow up call with a hiring executive… He said to me… Chip you like this person…Therefore I should. I said… When was the last time you hired someone with this type of concern and it turned out better than you expected? His response… I get it… Whom else do you have for me to interview.


Hiring is an iterative process that takes time. Perfect resumes can cause bad Blinks! Perfect interviews can cause bad Blinks! I’m important that you choose someone that you have a positive Blink with. It’s also important that you surround yourself with people that can shoot holes in your Blink to make sure you are indeed making a good hiring choice for the the right Blink as well as the right reasons.