What We Offer

We offer Executive Recruitment and Talent Search solutions. We offer better sleep. We offer better leaders. We offer a path to change. We offer a place to talk about your company and your challenges with your people. We offer the ability to bring leaders into your organization to get your goals accomplished.

We understand what makes industries unique, local market dynamics and how each company and candidate are special. We know who’s who, who’s where and who’s looking to move. We participate in key industry events and professional organizations, keep up with the trends. We are continually networking with industry leaders and rising stars, we are ready to connect exceptional talent with great companies.

We are your trusted source for Executive Recruitment and Talent Search Solutions.


Confidential Searches are hard. Someone is in the chair. They are close but not getting it done. But we need them. But they are not enough for our challenges. We have solved these types of problems for many years. We know how to get you talent when you face this type of challenge.

Leadership Partner

The executive chair can be very lonely. We surround ourselves with the best talent we can but whom can we freely talk to about our team. Who do you call when you want to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your direct reports? Need a gut check? Want to gain perspective? These conversations are critical to have to keep your company moving forward.

Personal Touch

One of our clients said… I can go through Korn or Spenser and get caught up in there PROCESS. But I choose to work with you because I can work with an experienced executive talent coach that I can have a one on one conversation with. I’m not dealing with somebodies assistant or project lead I’m dealing with an owner that cares. I prefer that personal touch.

Integrity | Transparency | Partnership | Results